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Corey Potter

Birthday: February, 1994 (30 years)

HomeTown: Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States

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Corey Potter is an American actress and television personality who entered the realm of reality TV with her appearance on Peacock’s show Couple to Throuple, where she explored non-monogamous relationships with her boyfriend, Wilder Bunke. Born on February, 1994, Corey Potter hails from Great Barrington, United States. As in 2024, Corey Potter's age is 30 years. Discover below for comprehensive details about Corey Potter, including the biography, wiki profile, age, date of birth, family background, relationship status, interesting facts, photographs, lesser-known facts, and more.

Corey Potter Profile:

Stage NameCorey Potter
Real NameCorey Potter
Profession(s)Actress, Reality TV Star,
BirthdayFebruary, 1994
Zodiac SignAquarius
Age30 years
BirthplaceGreat Barrington, United States
HometownGreat Barrington, Massachusetts, United States

Corey Potter Family and Personal Life

  • Corey Potter‘ father’s name is Not Available and Corey Potter‘ mother’s name is Not Available.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Corey and Wilder set out on a journey to explore non-monogamy together, which marked their first time dating as a couple.
  • Inquisitive Couples: They joined four inquisitive couples and 14 receptive singles to investigate the dynamics of polyamorous relationships.
  • Relationship Status: Despite the highs and lows depicted in the show, Corey Potter and Wilder Bunke (Wilder Rush) remained together. They continue to follow one another on social media platforms.
  • How They Met: Corey and Wilder initially met at a college party, where Corey was attempting to make someone else jealous. However, they developed a friendship that eventually blossomed into a relationship.
  • Relationship Status: Corey and Wilder are not engaged or married, preferring to “ride the wave” of their relationship and see where it leads.
  • Shared Interests: The couple shares a passion for attending music festivals and engaging in outdoor activities like rock climbing, fostering a strong bond outside of their professional endeavors.

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Corey Potter Trivia and Facts

  • Corey Potter was born in Great Barrington, United States.
  • Corey Potter’s birth sign is Aquarius.
  • Introduction to Reality TV: Corey Potter made her reality TV debut with an appearance on Peacock’s Couple to Throuple, where she explored non-monogamous relationships with her boyfriend, Wilder Bunke.
  • Throupling Up Ceremony: The show showed their interactions with singles, culminating in a “Throupling Up Ceremony” in which they chose a single person to date and share a bed with.
  • Stay-or-Swap Ceremony: Corey and Wilder, like the other couples, had regular “Stay-or-Swap Ceremonies” to review their relationship dynamics with their third partner.
  • Show Debut: “Couple to Throuple” premiered exclusively on Peacock on February 8, 2024, giving viewers a glimpse into Corey and Wilder’s exploration of non-monogamy relationships.
  • Social Media Presence: Corey and Wilder occasionally post about their relationship on social media, highlighting their adventures at music festivals and rock climbing.
  • Corey’s Discovery: Corey recently discovered her bisexuality, which prompted discussions about the possibility of bringing another woman into their relationship.
  • Corey’s Career: Corey Potter works as a video editor, set designer, and actress. Her career began in theatre, where she appeared in various productions before transitioning to film and voice-over work.
  • Educational Background: Corey studied acting, Shakespearean technique, and singing at Emerson College, Shakespeare & Company, and Simon’s Rock College, respectively.
  • Filmography: Corey has appeared in several films, including “Project M,” “Storm,” “Cupid’s Arrow,” and “Redford,” demonstrating her versatility as an actress.
  • Theatre Productions: In addition to her film work, Corey has appeared in stage productions such as “Arrowhead,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Into the Woods,” among others.
  • Voice-Over Work: Corey provided her voice for projects such as “Zoomoopedia” and “Magic Tree House,” expanding her repertoire as a versatile performer.
  • Acting Training: Corey has received specialized training in acting for the camera, scene study, and Shakespearean technique, which has helped her improve her skills on stage and screen.
  • Exploration of Non-Monogamy: Corey and Wilder’s participation in Couple to Throuple demonstrates their willingness to explore alternative relationship dynamics and share their journey with viewers.

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Who is Corey Potter?
Corey Potter is an actress and reality TV personality who gained recognition for her appearance on Peacock’s show Couple to Throuple.

What is Corey Potter’s age?
Corey Potter was born in 1994, making her 30 years old as of February 2024.

Where is Corey Potter from?
Corey Potter is from Florida and grew up in Silver Springs.

Is Corey Potter on Instagram?
Yes, Corey Potter is likely to have an Instagram account where she posts updates about her life and adventures. However, the article does not include the specific username.

Who is Corey Potter’s boyfriend?
Corey Potter’s boyfriend is Wilder Bunke, also known as Wilder Rush. They appeared on the reality show Couple to Throuple, which explored non-monogamous relationships as a couple.

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